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Copper Repouse with Arts and Crafts style frame

Note that all my art work is hand produced. On pieces done from a "design" such as my copper work there will be variations in the execution and the color and finish. These are 100% hand produced pieces of art. No two can be identical.

I do reserve the right to make the copper designs to order.  No two are identical, but they are based on my own original designs.    Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of any order.  I have to hand make each to order, and the frame is made to fit the art. If I have a finished piece in stock, I'll notify you that its available for immediate delivery.  Keep in mind.. This is not a company making product for instant delivery.  Its just me.   If I don't get back to you with a day or so.  PLEASE contact me through the contact link in this site. 

For the frames,  I hand select the wood (ray flaked quarter sawn oak although I can special build pieces from cherry paduk, or walnut) so the wood will always vary in flame and finish. The mortises are hand cut and hand wedged so they'll all be somewhat different. I always sand and buff all these frames as smooth and clean as I can get them with a hand sander and hand finishing. Sometimes I use a flaw in the wood for design affect..  Mitered and shiplap corner frames are less expensive as they are far less time consuming to make but they use the same hi-quality wood and hand fit and finish I put into the Arts and Crafts style pieces.

Once you've purchased a piece I can of course send pictures of the piece in progress and finished prior to delivery. If for any reason you want or need to cancel an order I will keep 50% of the price for materials and my time. This is only fair to me as a working artist.

Prints of Art are aso printed to order, so allow 24 hours or so for me to fullfil a print order.

Lately I've dived into the archane world of Egg Tempera Painting and have produced a number of paintings and prints of the work available here.   Most of these paintings are currently not for sale.  The originals take so much time to complete I doubt there is a market for them at the price I'd have to ask for a piece.  But keep a watch on the page.  I may offer smaller pieces up as they are done.