Original Songs, Compositions and Original Arrangements of covers.

Do You Love An Apple. An arrangement of the classic Bothy Band Tune from the first Bothy Band Album.

Bees Wing. My friend Jim Robertson's and my take on this wonderful Richard Thompson song.

Quite Time is an orginal of mine.

Spanish Girls is an original "derived" from standard Bossa Nova changes.

Red House Road is another original song of mine. Sung here by my friend and musical compatriot Jumpin James Robertson.

Green Morning is an original (mostly improvised one cold morning in 2014). Exporations into DADGAD tuning.

It really is a wonder.. an original.

Parting Glass. An original arrangement of a standard folk song.

Three chords and the true. Recorded with my compatriots from "Out of a Blue Sky". Song by Ry Cooder.