A few selections from Top Secret.
These are mp3's of the studio versions of the songs.

After brother Shawn passed, we found a cassette tape in his belongings called "TOP SECRET". We had heard this tape existed, and we were looking for it. On it are 14 of Shawn's original songs, with lyrics by Willis Turner. It took me a long time to transcribe the songs, learn them (Shawn's guitar work was world class, and he also was quite an original quirky player). It took almost 10 years, but I managed to finish the task of transcription, and finally called in karma cookies from all over the country and assembled a first rate crew of musicians in Asheville, and in Roanoke for sessions to record an album of the songs.

Little did we know those few 5-6 years ago when we recorded this that Tom Hailey the vocalist on this album, and for whom these songs were always intended to be sung by would also leave us. I miss both these men terribly. The world truly is a duller and less artful place without them. At least we have this record of their passing through this world.

The album is available for purchase here.

Some incredible talent is on the album. The incomparable vocals of Tom Cat Hailey, flute by Richard Patterson, Elliot Wadopian and Michael Erwin on bass and Phil Riddle on drums, and percussion. Tom Artwick lends his sax to a couple of the tracks. Notably "Gone" and "Melinda". Lew Taylor and Tom Coppola on piano. A stellar cast of characters.